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Welcome to the Open University of Tanzania ICT Research Portal.
A central repository for ICT related research projects conducted by the Technology Department
within the Institute of Educational and Management Technologies and the ICT Department
at Open University of Tanzania.

Researches & Publications

The files displayed below are the most recent uploaded researches and publications by the members of
the ICT department. They are ordered from the newest to the oldest and may be in any document format.

Weight loss Bryce Kidayi 2018-03-20
Fixed points Daenerys Targaryen 2017-11-14
Background layers Brenda Kinariki 2017-10-27
Hungarian students' course Jon Snow 2017-08-24
Artifcial intellgence Behnni Kheloobagheri 2017-01-08
Graph databases George Kidayi 2016-11-14
Portal implementation Domitra Kabega 2016-08-19
Domain registration Lawrence Richard 2016-06-30
Db systems Edith Mtweve 2016-06-24


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